Filing an Auto Insurance Claim After a Road Accident!

Damaging your vehicle in a freak road accident can often mean bad news unless you have a well-planned insurance cover that takes care of repairs as well as replacement. There are many people who end up tearing their hair in the process of filing an insurance claim. But, this is because most people are not aware of how to file their auto insurance claim. Irrespective of the insurance company whose policy you purchase, filing an auto insurance claim requires you to follow a few basic rules. Here is a brief glimpse of the same.Don’t delay!If you think claiming insurance can wait, you are wrong. Even in situations when you are injured in the accident, ask a family member or friend to initiate the process for your insurance claim. After all, there are several companies known to refuse the claim simply because the policy owner is unable to initiate the filing process at the right time.Understand what does your policy coversUsually, people should be aware of the details covered in the policy at the time of purchase itself. However, if you haven’t done so as yet, make sure you understand the different areas covered as part of your policy prior to filing your claim. Even if you are running short of time, we strongly recommend you to be clear about the details before submitting your claim.Organize your documentationWhile submitting your auto insurance claim, make sure that the documents are in order. Ideally, your insurance form carries the details of the documents that you need to submit. Nevertheless, if you have doubts, don’t waste time taking wild guesses. Instead, just ask your insurance agent. Having handled several cases similar to yours, the agent will be able to guide you easily.Take proof of submission!Once your insurance docket is ready, you have to submit it at the nearest office of your policy provider. But, when you submit the claim, make sure that you take an acknowledgement from the executive who accepts your documents. This is important for future references.Be regular with follow-up!The insurance company is most likely to dedicate an executive who will walk you through the process until your claim is processed. This representative will do everything from scheduling the inspection of your vehicle to getting the repairs done and even arranging for a rented car, depending on the aspects covered in your policy. Additionally, the representative is also the person who will help you clarify your doubts until the processing is completed.