Tips to Lowering Your Van Insurance

When driving a vehicle on the road, you must have adequate cover to protect you. There is a difference when driving a van on the road, you need to protect the driver, the van and whatever you are carrying inside, whether you are delivering items to a customer or you have your equipment with you, which assists you to complete jobs and make a living.The most important factor to take into consideration when trying to lower your van insurance is the type of vehicle you drive. You will find that some models and years are more expensive to cover than others. It’s advisable if you are unsure to check the insurance level advertised or speak to a van insurance broker who specialises in this type of cover to give you advice on the best vehicle to buy to lower your annual premium.Be very careful when it comes to selecting your drivers as your drivers can lower or increase your premiums considerably. Ideally you want all your drivers (if you have more than one) to be over twenty five with clean licenses that they have held for more than one year. Younger drivers are considered a risk to brokers, which means your premium is automatically increased, the same applies to those with convictions against their name or points on their license, so to be safe and keep your costs down, look for over twenty five and clean licenses.Consider what security measures you can put in place and this is where your van insurance broker can assist. A good alarm system, immobilizer system and even a GPS tracker can help lower your premium. Showing your broker that you have adequate security that protects your vehicle is a great way to lower your premium and help you get the most of your cover.Another great way to lower you van insurance is to consider voluntary excess. Most brokers will enable you to lower your premium amount but pay a higher excess should you ever need to claim. This is exceptionally useful if you have already been in business for a number of years and have never needed to claim. While you cannot afford to cancel your cover, choosing voluntary excess may be the solution to help you lower annual expenses and still enjoy the peace of mind that you are protected should you need it.Always shop around. Never use the first van insurance broker you find. Ideally you want a minimum of three quotes, which gives you the ability to compare and review each option, make changes where necessary and read up on the company to ensure that they offer a fast claims process and superior customer service. You are also looking for companies that are flexible and enable you to change and upgrade your vehicles as and when you want to, maybe even add a vehicle or two to the policy as your business grows.At the same time, ensure you review your policy each year as it comes up for renewal and see if you can find a better offer elsewhere. Don’t assume your van insurance broker is going to give you the best deal on the internet each year. Often you will be surprised as you start shopping around that you can get the same level of cover cheaper, so take advantage of this option.Finally, always use your no claims bonus as a bargaining tool. Whether you are starting out in business for the first time and need cover for your vehicles or you have been in operation for a while. Having no claims on your private or business cover can prove to your broker that you are a low risk and this can help lower the cost of your annual premium considerably.