Family Discount Dental Plans Vs Family Dental Insurance

Family dental insurance can be expensive. That’s why many families choose to self-insure when it comes to protecting their teeth. However, there is an affordable alternative to insurance, that will still provide good protection; discount dental plans.AffordabilityFirst, discount dental plans are affordable. If your family doesn’t need a lot of dental work done each year, you can probably save a lot of your insurance premiums by switching to a discount program. Often times, you can buy a discount card for the equivalent of two monthly dental insurance premiums, and the dental protection lasts for an entire year!Dental ProtectionAlthough these plans are affordable, they still protect you if you need work done. Most discount dental plans give you a discount of 10% to 60% off most dental services. It’s important to find out what services your discount card program covers. While they almost all cover the basic stuff, only some cover endodontics, periodontics, and orthodontics. Make sure you compare plan details from multiple companies before purchasing a plan.Easy to UseThere are many dental insurance plans that are easy to use, but there are also many that make you and your dentist deal with claim forms, which can be a hassle. Discount dental plans are easy to sign up for and simple to use. Here’s the process:
First, you compare plans and decide on the best plan for your family.
Second, you sign up online (this usually takes about 5 minutes)
Third, you await your packet in the mail (enrollment is quick)
Fourth, if you need a cleaning done, or dental work, you choose a dentist on the network and schedule an appointment.
Fifth, you present your dental card to your dentist.
Sixth, you pay your discounted rate.
That’s it. There are no claim forms to deal with. The dentist doesn’t have to wait on the dental insurance company to get paid. You don’t get billed two months later for a portion your insurance company didn’t pay. The dentist’s office knows how much you owe, when you leave your appointment. It’s that easy!