All About Employee Health Membership Benefits – Complete Guide

A health insurance plan allows the policyholder to enjoy cover ☔ against the cost of diagnosis, consultation & treatment ?‍⚕️ required for diseases or health conditions. As an individual, you can purchase a health insurance policy in your name and add your family ? as the beneficiaries. But, health insurance brings with it an associated cost. Not all people can afford to pay health insurance premiums regularly. This is where the Plum Lite Employee Health Membership plan steps in.

Employers can buy group medical insurance to save employees from physical and financial distress owing to diseases. When the employer purchases a group health policy for the employees and pays the premium, it is called employee health membership. To know more about the Plum Lite Employee Health Membership, read on.

What Is Employee Health Membership?

New lifestyle diseases and genetically transferred ? conditions are affecting more and more people. Moreover, the distress caused by the pandemic and the mutated variants has been an eye-opener ? for the human race. Health cannot be neglected, and health insurance can financially aid you to get the best health treatment.

Employees are the most valuable assets for an organization. Hence, it is of immense importance for employers to ensure that their employees are healthy and get access to the best treatment ? when required. Here comes the concept of employee health insurance or employee health membership. Instead of the employees, the employers can subscribe to group insurance called employee health membership and pay the premium.

As a result, the employees can get access to the best medical services when they require them, without bearing the financial burden ?️ associated with expensive treatments.

Features of Employee Health Membership

  • Covers employees and their families ?‍?‍?‍? including the spouse, children, and parents dependent on the employee.
  • Allows you to access cashless treatment facilities at the best hospitals ?.
  • Riders can be purchased to cover additional policy benefits.
  • Cheaper cost ? due to many beneficiaries and concept of average age.
  • Minimum documents ? required compared to individual policies because the calculations and policy benefits are based on averages.

What Are the Benefits of Employee Health Membership?

How would you benefit from buying an employee health policy? Well, this is the crucial question you must ask yourself before making a choice. In the case of group insurance, both employers and employees stand to benefit from the policy. So, here are the benefits of buying employee health membership with Plum Insurance.

  • Benefits for the Employers
  • Healthy Workforce: With the help of employee health insurance, you can ensure that your workforce has access to modern medical treatment ? at the best hospitals. A healthy workforce is the most valuable asset for employers.
  • Motivates Employees: Employee health membership allows the employers to add both the employees and their families as beneficiaries to the policy. In this way, employers can share the financial burden and provide security ?️ to their employees. Caring about their welfare can motivate the employees and increase their productivity.
  • Lower Cost: You can access your bargaining power with bigger numbers. If you purchase an insurance policy individually, the cost will be higher ⬆️. In contrast, the primary benefit of group insurance policies is lower cost ⬇️. Due to the collective bulk number of beneficiaries, employers can quickly negotiate the premium amount and lower the costs.
  • Tax Benefits: Any amount the employers spend towards employee welfare is allowed as a deduction from the employer’s taxable income. Hence, you can save taxes ? on the amount paid as a premium for the employee health membership.
  • Benefits for the Employees
  • Based on Averages ➗: When you apply for an individual policy, the premium charged can be higher or lower due to your age, pre-existing conditions, etc. On the other hand, a group insurance premium is charged based on average employee age. Hence, the extra charges can be saved. Some insurers also offer coverage for pre-existing conditions from the beginning.
  • Maternity Coverage ?: Group medical insurance plans allow maternity coverage for c-section and normal deliveries. These policies might also allow funds for taking care of the newborn ? for up to 3 months.
  • Easy Accessibility to Medical Facilities: Since insurance companies have tie-ups with the best hospitals, you can easily access quality medical facilities in your city itself. Moreover, the tie-ups ? also allow cashless treatment options for the employees and their families. Hence, you can focus on your treatment instead of bothering about the hospital payments.

Why Choose the Plum Lite Employee Health Membership?

With ? Plum Insurance, you can get easy access to your policies online and through WhatsApp. You can also apply for online claims. This platform hosts one of the finest products for employee health membership known as Plum Lite. It provides affordable group health insurance at costs as low as Rs. 85/employee, and you can also apply for group insurance with only 2 employees.

The concept and aim of this product are to provide health insurance facilities to the employees of every small and medium entity. Here are the key features of Plum Lite:

  • Affordable prices @ Rs. 85/employee only ?.
  • Online access to the policies and facility to raise claims through WhatsApp ?.
  • You can pay the premiums in monthly installments.
  • Change the employees covered at any time without paying extra charges.
  • Uniform pricing for all employees, whether old or young.
  • Covers critical illnesses and allows employees to get treatment for Covid-19.
  • Cashless treatment facility at super-specialty hospitals.
  • One-click support to all your insurance problems.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Plum Lite ? now and enjoy the best Employee Health Membership Plans!