When to call for blocked drains?

There are various reasons which causes clogging or blockage in drains. Drains lines are used very frequently on daily basis and any interruption in regular flow of waste water thorough sewer lines and drains causes worry.

Drains and sewer lines can become blocked due to fungal growth, dirt and hair in pipes. This mostly happens with bathroom drain pipes. Same can happen with kitchen drain pipes and here food, grease or excessive amount of solid waste may block them. Sometimes it is carelessness of users or it can happen with extended usage. Drain pipes need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them draining waste water properly.

Here are some signs which show that you may face problems in drain pipes soon.

  1. Due to blockage of waste water, there is foul smell coming from bath room drains and kitchen sinks.
  2. Wastewater does not drain through pipes easily.
  3. Black water from drainage may backup containing with it grime and waste.
  4. Water does not drain from kitchen sinks easily.

It is wise to call a professional help when you experience these signs before drains are blocked completely, to prevent damage to your property and safety of your health. If you try to do the job, you may damage your property or injure yourself in doing so.

Unblocking drain lines in not an ordinary work, it is a technical work which require proper tools, experience, skills and knowledge to understand the main reason of blockage in drains. Drainage lines are lying under the tiles and hard to reach without equipment. Drain cleaning services offer their plumbing services for all types of drain problems, including regular sewer maintenance, emergency drain cleaning, sewer line repairs, basement floor drain cleaning, main sewer repair and clogged drain repairs, for all size residential and commercial buildings. Their services are available seven days a week.

These plumbers are very reliable and hardworking and take care of cleanliness during and after work are done. They not only provide drain cleaning services but give you tips to prevent future drain blockage and keep your drain lines clear for good flow of waste water out from your building into main sewer lines.

They use various plumbing tools and devices to clean and clear the blockage from drain lines as per requirement.

Grease trap

They use strong vacuum pressure to grease trap cleaning from drains to unclog them.

High pressure-jetting and vacuum suction

They high pressure-jetting trucks to release water with pressure to remove hair, scum, debris, food particles, and soap residues from drain pipes. They are also helpful in cutting roots, removing mineral deposits and corrosion from sewerage lines. They are very convenient for removal of debris without entering into the manhole.

Root removal

Water and food residue are ideal for root growth. Even a small crack in pipe can give entrance to the roots to grow into a mass and it can block the pipes easily. Jetting with pressure will remove roots and clear the pipes.

Drain auger

This is also called electric eel or plumber’s snake, to unclog and scrape the walls of drain pipes. It breaks the shred able fiber hence clearing the way for waste water.

After cleaning, plumber uses camera to inspect the cause of blockage. They may find cracked or damaged pipes which should be replace or repair to avoid further blockage lines.