Protecting Your Investment – Home Content Insurance

When you took a loan from a bank to finance the purchase your dream house, the bank will either took or asked you to insure a fire insurance or comprehensive property insurance for your mortgage house. Many house owners tend to believe this insurance is adequate to cover them for losses due the perils insured. While this may be true to the building, this is no insurance cover for your house contents and personal belonging. If a serious fire occurred, you would probably only left with the shirt on your back.If you have an existing insurance policy for your property, you can check with your existing insurer whether they provide insurance cover for your house content. Some insurance company will only provide their insured a comprehensive home content insurance policy if the building is also insured under a comprehensive cover policy. A policy that cover include, basic fire & lightning plus other perils such as windstorm, flood, volcanic eruption, earthquake, impact damage, etc.When you are insuring for your home content insurance if is useful to list down the major items in your house such as

Renovation and interior d├ęcor.
Furniture, fixtures and Fittings – Living Room, Kitchen, Bed rooms,
Electrical and electronic items
Personal effects and belongs
Some home content insurance policy do not provide covers for luxurious items such as jewelry, collectors item, antiques etc, while other may put a limit on such items and required you to make a declaration before taking up the insurance. Besides, the luxurious item, some policy also set a limit for theft prone items such as camera, laptop, and watches unless the value of these items is declared to them.It is always useful to check with few insurance companies on the coverage provided and the terms and conditions set on the covers for your luxurious item if accepted. You do not want to find out that when you house was burglarized; the insurance company told you that you have breach the warranty by not having an alarm system.Again, it is always advisable to arrange your insurance policy through a reliable and qualified insurance consultant you can trust and if in doubt, check with the authority concern.